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let's have a holiday.

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8/17/04 05:10 pm - hello_buda - just 4 random icons. very, very random, that is.

4 extremely random icons (2 stiletto's (spelled that wrong), 1 converses and 1 beach-ish)

no lj-cut this time.

1. (reads: "these boots were made for walking")
3. (reads: "what they've seen")

#1 lyrics from some oldies song.

8/17/04 10:11 am - hello_buda - the last 5 years-icons.

i have 5 "the last 5 years" icons.


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comment/credit, please.

thanks! ~edith

8/10/04 05:29 pm - hello_buda - just 6 cold mountain icons.

just 6 that i made a while ago.


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i'll make more if i get the time (some nicole kidman?) that is, if they're wanted. hmm...

7/30/04 10:12 am - hello_buda - Almost Famous Icons.

I have 15 Almost Famous icons.

teaser: .

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7/27/04 08:38 pm - hello_buda - very random post of icons. hmm.

first icon post! yay! thanks to all of you (so far!) for joining. i love you for it.

icon images in this batch from getty, except for the Wicked icons.

i have: 4 Wicked and 3 random icons (with a theme of love)


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comment/credit, please!


7/27/04 10:32 am - hello_buda - welcome!

good day.

if you can read this, you have joined honk_for_jude. thank you and congratulations.

please stay tuned for updates.


12/31/20 08:17 pm - hello_buda

this community is now public.

why? because i don't think anyone even saw the icons or joined before. i'm going to try to start making more icons now, so i'd like more exposure, i guess you could say. thanks for visiting, edith.

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