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let's have a holiday.

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6/17/05 12:30 am - westsohoer - 2293


visit 2293

better than everrrrrrrr!


p.s. see you there!

1/31/05 03:24 pm - westsohoer - five.

five icons- four mka and one strokes.

1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

12/30/04 11:50 am - hello_buda - 6 Bridget Jones

(as stated above, 6 Bridget Jones' Diary icons - movie)


under the cut...Collapse )

that's all.  please please PLEASE credit honk_for_jude or hello_buda and comment.

thanks, edith.

12/29/04 06:07 pm - hello_buda - Resources Post !!

So far, this list goes as follows:

-Various Brushes (c) icons_with_love
-Various Brushes (c) stickywicket
-Various Brushes (c) teh_indy

-Various Textures (c) teh_indy

p.s. if you belong on this list, please notify me immediately.

10/20/04 03:43 pm - hello_buda - finally, if i do say so myself.

i finally made a new layout, finally. version 2 is of the infamous Twiggy. comment&tell me what you think!

and just 3 icons, 2 john kerry, 1 random.

teaser: .
Read more...Collapse )


♥ edith.

10/17/04 06:53 pm - hello_buda

one hunter foster icon for you all.......


10/9/04 06:10 am - hello_buda - hey, jude.

a bunch of jude law icons, by request.

teasers: and .

click here for icons, please. enjoy your flight.Collapse )

if you like these, let me know and i can make more.

<3 edith.

ps. comment and credit.

10/6/04 12:38 pm - hello_buda

okay, i know i have to update (smacks head) but what would you all like to make??

9/19/04 09:05 pm - hello_buda - Beauty and the Beast.

Just a few Beauty and the Beast icons.

I've been thinking about doing some more sets of disney icons, like Little Mermaid, Aladdin, 101 Dalmations, etc. What do you guys think?


Read more...Collapse )

...please comment, but credit is a MUST.



9/19/04 12:36 am - hello_buda -

urgh. have been horrible. is taking some requests. go for it.
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